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The Specialty Care Referral Dilemma

Due to a broken physician referral system, the cost and complexity of specialty care is burdensome for Americans. The broken link between primary and secondary care is a shared problem requiring a process change. Using a supplemental clinical navigation program, we have the power to increase patient satisfaction, improve outcomes and control costs. This bridges the primary-specialist gap to deliver streamlined, affordable and effective care.


The Right Providers Will Maximize Health Care Value. So, Who are the Right Providers?

July 18, 2019 – Baltimore, Maryland This primer on the state of Healthcare Quality Transparency is well-worth your time to listen. We promise you’ll learn something about appropriateness of care, centers of excellence, condition-level subspecialization,…



SpecialtyCare Connect helped Michelle Navigate her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

SpecialtyCare Connect Care Navigators Guide You Through the Healthcare World

SpecialtyCare Connect helped Jamie Navigate her Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

SpecialtyCare Connect Helped T.J. Navigate his Sports-Related Injury

The SpecialtyCare Connect Physician-Patient Matching Process

SpecialtyCare Connect Refers Our Members to the Best Physicians for their Specific Conditions

Requirements for a Good Medical Referral

SpecialtyCare Connect helped Michelle’s father Navigate his Lung Cancer Diagnosis

SpecialtyCare Connect – We Help Employers and Employees

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