July 7, 2020 – Baltimore, Maryland. ArmadaHealth, a leading provider of physician recommendations, and its suite of healthcare navigation services featuring its flagship QualityCare ConnectSM, was recognized for the second quarter in a row by Shortlister, formerly known as The Wellness Research Institute, as 2020’s #1 Clinical Navigation Care Coordination Top Vendor Partner in Q3.

“Since the last quarter, the competition in the category expanded, demonstrating notable growth in the sector,” said ArmadaHealth CEO, Susan Torroella. “Accordingly, we are continuing to see traction with our Navigation-as-a-Service solution which was designed to complement any organization’s employee benefits offering or care management solution to amplify high performance healthcare initiatives. We will be making more announcements about new partnerships in the near future as we help them scale to handle the “new normal” in navigating healthcare services during Covid-19. We will continue to be laser-focused on matching patients with the best physicians based on patient preferences and relevancy of physicians’ experience, 100% guaranteed in quality and accessibility.”

ArmadaHealth’s solutions, including QualityCare Navigator for member-facing healthcare teams, provide evidence-based physician recommendations for members, pairing with cost transparency solutions, or as part of care management or advocacy services. QualityCare Connect solutions can easily plug into existing platforms and processes so groups can start accessing optimal care relatively quickly with an infinite number of configurations. QualityCare Connect, powered by S.I.E.N.A.®ArmadaHealth’s enhanced intelligence data science platform, fuses human clinical expertise with technology resulting in quality-based, unbiased patient/physician matching outcomes.

About Shortlister

The Wellness Research Institute (WRI), now Shortlister, is designed to fundamentally improve the RFP process in the human capital space. With the goal of identifying the vendor that is most compatible with an employer’s budget, demographics, and unique program goals, our proprietary matching algorithm has supported searches impacting over 1,000 employers and millions of employees. Shortlister combines the matching algorithm and bid management technology of the WRI with top thought leadership in the human capital space. Employers access Shortlister directly or through many of the top brokers and consultants in the country. Using Shortlister, employers can make faster, higher quality and more sustainable selections in the human capital marketplace.

About ArmadaHealth®

ArmadaHealth® has developed the most robust and comprehensive physician recommendation intelligence in the industry. Uniting oceans of data, clinical insights, and a human touch, our High Tech, Right Touch® approach embodies the best practices in quality-based healthcare navigation. Our proprietary enhanced intelligence platform, S.I.E.N.A.®, features multivariate quality measures and clinically trained machine learning models as inputs to physician-patient matching algorithms. QualityCare ConnectSM, our consumer-facing service, improves the efficiency, expediency, and effectiveness of how people access perfectly matched primary and specialty care physicians. QualityCare Navigator℠, our Navigation-as-a-Service offering, enables our clients’ member-facing service teams to submit, monitor, and manage navigations on behalf of their members with a white-labeled solution. The result is improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare expenses, and exceptional member satisfaction as reflected in our NPS of 86 while serving more than two million members.


Press Contact:

Heather Dempsey