In 2022, Hostcare sought to identify and begin a strong working relationship with expert resources who specialized in the identification of high quality physicians that would complement their services: advocacy and procedure-bundling. After surveying the field, Hostcare selected ArmadaHealth due to their focus on quality and best-practice approach to matching physicians and patients. Since the partnership launched in May of 2022, ArmadaHealth has provided hundreds of physician recommendations for Hostcare’s members.

Shauna Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Hostcare shared, “Hostcare continues to expand the different ways and opportunities to assist our members. We want to ensure they understand their health plan benefits and guide them through the process of seeking top medical providers. Members build a relationship with our Patient Navigators and seek for us to outline options to consider. We wanted to identify and begin a strong working relationship with expert resources who specialized in research of quality care physicians, which led to us identifying ArmadaHealth. By adding this partnership with ArmadaHealth, our clients no longer need to seek multiple vendors to offer medical navigation to members. Our clients benefit greatly from the expertise of both companies under one program.”

Jamie Spriggs, President of ArmadaHealth added, “we do one thing really well – that’s matching patients with the physicians who are the best fit to address a patient’s diagnosis, pass our quality standards and accommodate patient-specific requirements. Hostcare is an ideal partner for ArmadaHealth as we’ve expanded our model from exclusively servicing employers and health plans to also empowering member-facing advocacy and price-transparency firms. that shares the same focus on quality and white glove service for members. Hostcare has effectively private-labeled our services, enabling a seamless experience for their members.”

The Hostcare model is embedded into a plan sponsor’s health plan where members have access to Hostcare for advocacy services and are incentivized to engage in Hostcare surgery bundles, which navigate members to Centers of Excellence across the continental U.S.

ArmadaHealth provides the perfect complement to Hostcare’s Medical Navigation services, generating recommendations to physicians that continue aftercare post-procedure or simply fill the need of finding the best primary care physician or specialist in their area. The combination of solutions enable Hostcare to confidently market and provide end-to-end high quality, lower cost navigation services. Members benefit from finding higher quality physicians faster which can streamline optimal outcomes and ultimately minimize costs for themselves and their employer.

Hostcare Resources Contact:

Shauna Thomas

ArmadaHealth Contact:

Teresa O’Keefe

For more information about our Navigation-as-a-Service Offering, explore QualityCare Navigator for member-facing firms.