Data Science


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Using technology to improve patient and physician satisfaction on the patient journey.

How we do it

The secret sauce.

SpecialtyCare Connect employs proprietary, quality-measurement data science with voluminous sources of data on 1.1 million physicians to perform matching analysis in seconds.

Expert Advisors

We have a board of nationally-recognized clinical advisors. We leverage their expertise along with evidence-based quality organizations and publications including:

  • Healthcare quality organizations
  • Nationally-recognized guidelines
  • Nationally recognized quality measures
  • Medical and healthcare economics literature

Data Science

Through expert intelligence mining, we’ve defined a comprehensive ontology of medical science that maps nearly all relevant data ever created. With deep clinical insights, we’ve defined algorithms and sentiment analyses that model the way human clinical experts would select the best physicians for a given condition or diagnosis, matched to a patient’s personal preferences.

  • Taxonomy
  • Ontology
  • Insights and models
  • Algorithms and rules
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Validated Data

We create a multivariate view of physicians where patient-physician matches are based on clinical and non-clinical attributes derived from the following sources:

  • Public data sets
  • Private data sets
  • Physician-reported clinical data
  • Clinical and non-clinical claims data
  • Patient self-reported data
  • Legal and municipal records
  • Social media
  • Our user feedback
Our intelligence platform

Say "hello" to S.I.E.N.A.

S.I.E.N.A. stands for Systematic Intelligence Evidence-Based Navigation Assistant.

S.I.E.N.A. has the ability to think the way our care coordinators do when making decisions regarding physician-patient matching. Our Care Navigators provide human oversight while S.I.E.N.A. works, but what used to take hours now takes seconds. Here’s how it works:

Member or care Navigator initiates referral
Research  process begins: Insurance validation and appointment availability confirmed
Member selects from physician profiles
member arrives
prepared for
physician visit 
Member receives follow-up survey

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