Do you feel left in the dark when trying
to find the right doctor?

How do you find a doctor that is best qualified to treat your medical condition, also, is in your network and has reasonable appointment availability? They could be right around the corner. How would you know? Who is going to help you find them?

of people will self-refer to specialists
Adults are misdiagnosed each year
of surgeries have complications

Source: Advisory Board 2015 Specialist Consumer Choice Survey

Source: BMJ Quality and Safety, 2014

Source: JAMA Surgery, 2016


We shine a light on the best physicians
for your circumstances.

Leveraging our best-in-class methodology, paired with our expertise in the healthcare industry, we help you navigate the complicated healthcare system and provide recommended physicians for you to choose from that match your condition and personal needs.

Our flagship product, SpecialtyCare Connect, gives you peace of mind when you are diagnosed with a condition that requires a physician, specialist or surgeon.


High Tech. Right Touch.™

We apply data science to identify physicians qualified to manage your condition. But, we go beyond the basics. We contact each physician to make sure they take your insurance and have appropriate appointment availability.

By pairing our industry-leading technology with our clinical evaluation expertise, we help to create the perfect physician match for you.

Data Science

Your situation may warrant a pure digital approach for a simple physician-patient match. We assess your clinical and non-clinical needs and perform the perfect match using data science.

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Human Advocacy

Whether your case is simple or complex requiring multiple specialists, don’t worry. You can communicate directly with our team of Care Navigators to ensure you get the best physician for your needs.

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The NFL Alumni Association benefits from having us on their side when they need specialist recommendations. NFLA executives Bart Oates and Kyle Richardson discuss the value of knowing their members are getting the best care possible and peace of mind that comes with it.

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