Guiding patient journeys through
data science and clinical insight
with a human touch.

More than a decade ago, physicians from leading institutions across the country identified a serious flaw in the healthcare system and became passionate about fixing it.

Research has shown that connecting patients with the right doctor for their specific condition leads to better care and lower costs. So these physicians, together with business leaders, health data scientists, consumer engagement experts and other clinical professionals formed ArmadaHealth®.


  • Nearly 20 million patients are incorrectly referred.
  • 33% of patients receive the wrong diagnosis and 50% receive incorrect treatment.
  • $29 Billion is lost in preventable errors and poor outcomes.

ArmadaHealth's mission is to help people access the healthcare they need when they need it.

Markets We Serve

ArmadaHealth has developed industry-leading data science solutions to serve a wide range of markets. These solutions address one of the most costly healthcare issues impacting organizations today – the cost of inappropriate specialty care. Our solutions connect members with the right specialist at the right time for improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare expenses and exceptional patient satisfaction.

Our Solutions

ArmadaHealth has developed connection solutions for a variety of healthcare stakeholders. We customize SpecialtyCare Connect® for health plans, TPAs, brokers, cost-containment organizations, associations and employers. Health Connections is a unique offering for executive health coverage from concierge medicine providers and others. Our Enterprise Solutions are individually created for health systems. 

SpecialtyCare Connect is an innovative health technology program that connects members to the right physician for their medical condition.

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Health Connections

A robust suite of healthcare benefits combined with a strategic health and wellness programs that keep top performers healthy and productive.

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Enterprise Solutions

ArmadaHealth has easy to implement, cloud-based solutions that help deliver the quadruple aim of value-based care.

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Connecting Patients with the Right Care

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that requires a specialist, need a second opinion,
have a child or parent that needs a specialist, ArmadaHealth can help!