Patient-Physician Matching

Patient-physician matching

Find Your Ideal Doctor

SpecialtyCare Connect was created to address a major healthcare issue – finding the right doctor. With the lack of transparency around healthcare providers, many people struggle to access the right care. 

We can fix that.

The problem

The current referral process is broken

With advances in medical science, the healthcare eco-system hasn’t kept pace in providing transparency for the average person to understand what qualifies a doctor to treat patients at the condition and sub-specialty level. 

We have developed data science that measures quality deep within clinical specialties. We pair this with traditional quality measures for the most accurate patient-physician match.


We have developed a quality-measurement science that can rate quality deep within clinical specialties. We pair this with traditional quality measures for the most accurate information.


Americans who sometimes doubt their doctors and seek second opinions.

Source: Gallup Poll, 2010


Misdirected physician referrals occur annually.

Source: Becker Hospital Reivew, 2014


Number of provider directories
that are accurate

Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), 2018

the solution

How SpecialtyCare Connect works

We’re with you, every step of the way on your healthcare journey.

It's easy to initiate a match

You can start a case online or simply call us.

We focus on more than just your clinical needs

We utilize non-clinical preferences to ensure a pleasant experience with your matched physician.

You get to choose from several recommended physicians

You receive at least three (if available) resumes of physicians in the form of a resume BioPack.

what you get

The BioPack

The BioPack, sent to you by SpecialtyCare Connect, is your unique book of specialist resumes, tailored to your preferences. It includes contact and location information for your selected physicians, as well as information on their medical background and experience.

the specialtycare connect difference

Gretchen needs a physician.

With a possible surgery ahead, Gretchen needs a specialist with proper training and a fellowship in the sub-specialty relative to her condition.

Gretchen's Diagnosis

The solution to her lower back pain might require surgery.

Specialist Required

Orthopedic surgical specialist with Spinal Surgery subspecialty.

Patient Preferences

Spinal specialist within an hour's drive of her home, with experience in minimally-invasive alternatives to surgery.

Specialist Selected by Gretchen

From the three specialists provided by SpecialtyCare Connect, Gretchen chooses one to visit.

The Outcome

Gretchen avoided complicated surgery and a costly hospital stay because her chosen specialist resolved her pain with a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure.

on another note

We make physicians happy too!

Wouldn’t you feel better seeing a physician that has an identified Area of Clinical Expertise that matches your condition?  In other words, you’re their ideal patient!

Many Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) referrals turn out well – but PCPs do not usually have the resources to know if specialists in their referral network are qualified, take specific insurance, or have appointment availability. We close this gap by providing objective recommendations, offering patients, and physicians alike, an overall better experience.

And, with ever-broadening medical science, specialists are, well… specializing! Most develop sub-specialties, focusing on specific conditions and would prefer to see more patients that fall into their Area of Clinical Expertise (ACE).    

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