Finding the Right Doctor

QualityCare Connect was created to address a major healthcare issue – finding a good doctor. With the lack of transparency around healthcare providers, many people struggle to find the right physician match.

We can fix that.


The current doctor referral process is broken.

Healthcare hasn’t kept pace when it comes to providing quality transparency. The average person can’t understand what qualifies a doctor to treat patients at the condition and subspecialty level.

We’ve developed a data science approach that measures dozens of quality factors for U.S. physicians. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate physician matching service available today.

Americans who delay care because they don’t trust themselves navigating the US healthcare system
Misdirected physician referrals occur annually.
Number of health plan provider directories that are grossly out of date


How QualityCare Connect works

Whether needing an initial diagnosis or seeking a second opinion, we help our members on every step of their healthcare journey.

It’s easy to initiate a physician match

Members can start a case online or simply call us.

We focus on more than just clinical needs

We utilize non-clinical preferences to ensure a pleasant experience with their physician match.

The choice is theirs

Members receive profiles of matched doctors, so they can make an informed choice of who to see. They are under no obligation to choose any of the doctors we recommend.


Physician Recommendations

Their choices are sent as a list of physician profiles, personalized to them. We include contact and location information for each recommended physician, as well as information on their medical background and experience, so they can make an informed choice about who to see.

We have no financial or legal relationship with any physician we recommend.


Gretchen needs to find a doctor.

With a possible surgery ahead, Gretchen needs a specialist with proper training and a fellowship in the subspecialty relative to her condition.

  • Gretchen’s Diagnosis

    The solution to her lower back pain might require surgery.
  • Specialist Required – Find Doctor

    Orthopedic surgical specialist with Spinal Surgery subspecialty.
  • Patient Preferences

    Spinal specialist within an hour’s drive of her home, with experience in alternatives to surgery.
  • Specialist Selected by Gretchen

    From specialists provided by QualityCare Connect, Gretchen chooses one to visit.
  • The Outcome

    Gretchen avoided complicated surgery and a costly hospital stay because her chosen specialist resolved her pain with a physical therapy approach.


We make physicians happy too!

We believe all members should be seeing a physician that has an identified Area of Clinical Expertise (ACE) that matches their condition. To the physicians we recommend, our members are their ideal patients.

Many referrals from other doctors turn out well – but even doctors do not have the resources to know if specialists in their referral network are qualified, take specific insurance or have appointment availability. We close this gap by providing objective recommendations, offering patients, and physicians alike, an overall better experience. That’s what makes us experts at matching patients with physicians.

And, with ever-broadening medical science, specialists are, well… specializing! Most develop subspecialties, focusing on specific conditions and would prefer to see more patients that fall into their Area of Clinical Expertise.

What’s behind the doctor referral process just might surprise you. Dr. Mary Thomas, Medical Director at ArmadaHealth, looks at what the doctor referral process needs for the ideal patient-physician match

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