June 8, 2020 – Hunt Valley, Maryland & Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Quality transparency and concierge cost-containment market leaders join forces to create a  comprehensive high-performance healthcare solution for TPAs & self-insured employers.

ArmadaHealth, a leading provider of physician recommendation intelligence and Alithias, a leading provider of Healthcare Advocacy Services, are pleased to annouce their new partnership, embedding ArmadaHealth’s QualityCare Navigator sm evidence-based patient/physician matching solution in Alithias’ employee benefits platform.

“Clients love the savings they enjoy when our Advocates guide their employees to value, but we knew it could be even better if we could also steer members to the highest quality physicians, as well,” said Ross Bjella, founder and CEO, Alithias. “Getting members to the right doctor the first time results in a better initial diagnosis and fewer unnecessary tests and procedures. We looked at many physician-quality solutions and selected ArmadaHealth because their hybrid approach of combining high-tech with human expertise provides the best quality navigation in the industry.”

Alithias, founded in 2011, began using QualityCare Navigator (QCN) with some of their nearly 100 employers’ customers beginning in April 2020. With this added benefit to their concierge advocacy solutions, Alithias is helping employees get the most value from their benefits plan. Alithias Advocates are the single point of contact who provide personalized, cohesive information when employees need help finding high-value providers or have questions about any aspect of their benefits – saving both time and money.

“We are ecstatic to be a part of one of the first true quality and cost transparency solutions in the industry,” said Susan Torroella, CEO, ArmadaHealth. “Alithias has been a pioneer in providing concierge advocacy services and shares our mission-driven values and vision for using a High Tech, Right Touch® approach to disrupt the status quo and bring high-performance, affordable healthcare opportunities to the marketplace. This is truly a 1+1=3 solution for the industry.”

ArmadaHealth’s QCN enables member-facing support teams to leverage a Navigation-as-a-Service model, amplifying their value-based care intitiatives. QCN easily plugs into existing platforms and processes so groups can benefit from optimal care relatively quickly, while member-facing teams spend more time helping members. QCN is powered by ArmadaHealth’s enhanced intelligence data science platform, S.I.E.N.A.® which fuses human clinical expertise with AI and Machine Learning technology resulting in evidence-based, unbiased patient/physician-matching outcomes.

For more information, contact Alithias at 855-843-8783.

About Alithias

Alithias specializes in developing custom healthcare-related technology and patient-advocacy solutions that help self-insured employers, brokers, insurance companies and health systems save money and increase patient satisfaction and engagement.  The Alithias Advocacy platform acts as a cohesive Healthcare Consumer Engagement Hub (HCEH) that coordinates healthcare benefits, programs, incentives and information for nearly all shoppable clinical services and billing questions.  Alithias software supports proactive, reactive and passive communications to educate and optimize nearly all interactions with patients or employees.  Learn more at www.Alithias.com.

About ArmadaHealth®

ArmadaHealth® has developed the most robust and comprehensive physician-recommendation intelligence in the industry. Uniting oceans of data, clinical insights and a human touch, our High Tech, Right Touch® approach embodies the best practices in quality-based clinical navigation. Our proprietary enhanced intelligence platform, S.I.E.N.A.®, features multivariate quality measures and clinically trained machine-learning models as inputs to physician-patient matching algorithms. QualityCare ConnectSM, our flagship consumer-facing service, improves the efficiency, expediency and effectiveness of how people access perfectly matched primary and specialty-care physicians. QualityCare Navigator℠, our Navigation-as-a-Service offering, enables our clients’ member-facing service teams to submit, monitor and manage navigations on behalf of their members with a private-labeled solution. The result is improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare expenses and exceptional member satisfaction as reflected in our NPS of 86 while serving more than two million members. Learn more at www.ArmadaHealth.com.


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