May 14, 2019 – Baltimore, Maryland.

Healthcare has relied on static directory listings and databases to offer up physician referrals for way too long. ArmadaHealth® combines AI and human clinical insight to create an objective, evidence-based solution for identifying the best possible physician for a patient based on their specific medical condition and unique needs.

In this interview with Inside Digital Health, Suzanne Clough, MD, ArmadaHealth’s Chief Innovation Officer, explains the marriage between AI and the complex human interactions that defines the precision matching behind ArmadaHealth’s approach.

Watch Suzanne Clough’s interview with Inside Digital Health

About ArmadaHealth
ArmadaHealth is a rapidly growing health data science and services company. We connect people to the right provider through our consumer offering, SpecialtyCare Connect®, providing intelligent and personalized access to the healthcare system facilitating provider and/or healthcare delivery recommendations wrapped in a High Tech, Right Touch consumer experience. Our solutions are powered by our proprietary, provider-patient matching platform, ArmadaHealth’s S.I.E.N.A., and can be leveraged through private-labeled services to enhance the consumer experience. The result is improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare expenses, more efficient networks, higher-performing providers, and exceptional consumer satisfaction. Please visit for more information.


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