Health Systems

A health system or care organization is challenged to improve patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction, the quality of outcomes, and the overall effectiveness of the patient care journey. Your operational and financial challenges don’t stop there.

Healthcare providers need to carefully consider how costly physician and facility resources are utilized as patients make uninformed decisions when selecting the right doctor for their condition and situation.  Health systems are attempting to treat patients, optimize their journey and outcomes, and retain them within their system.  Patients confronted with a new or existing health issue need to properly managed by their primary care and specialist care team. At the same time, health systems struggle with the eroding morale of physicians in their networks who are often burdened by a maze of systems and processes while also navigating confusing expectations.

Solutions that Speak to Your Needs

Enterprise Solutions from ArmadaHealth® address these major health system problems by coordinating specialty care with clinicians while remaining rooted in both process and technology. We leverage technology, health data science and connected support solutions to improve patient and physician satisfaction while eliminating cost and friction in the patient journey. We can help you tackle these issues:

Each Enterprise Solution features the latest in health data science, Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, combined with a dynamic, clinical insight rules engine and proprietary and customizable algorithms to drive key results. These solutions are configurable to meet the exact needs of your organization and complement your existing technology. Finally, ArmadaHealth layers the human factors necessary to support the “high tech” aspects and ensure optimal results for the patient journey.

An ArmadaHealth Enterprise Solutions customer optimizes resource utilization with physician referral intelligence to eliminate the supply/demand mismatch. Patients receive care from the right physician at the right time given their exact situation and clinical scenario.

Start addressing the frustration patients are suffering from incorrect referrals, delay of care and multiple appointments without proper expectations and preparedness. Help your specialists improve their case mix and start seeing ideal patients who are matched to their clinical strengths and arrive at appointments fully prepared. Reduce inefficiency and wasted costs to improve outcomes and quality of care.

Options Customized for Your Organization

Our Enterprise Solutions are designed to be customized for your needs and easily fit into your existing systems. Solution features include:

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