Associations & Affinity Groups

A membership benefit beyond the expected​.

Members may join an association for an array of reasons including pursuing career designations or following special interests, but impressive benefits catch members’ attention – a personal experience keeps them emotionally connected.

QualityCare ConnectSM safeguards a member’s most treasured asset – their good health. We not only connect members with the most experienced physicians for their unique healthcare needs, we also do all the work, so they can focus on getting better.

QualityCare Connect is designed to be a turnkey solution offering value at the association level for its members as well by generating additional revenue for the organization.

How associations benefit from
QualityCare Connect

Growing and Retaining Members

Attract and retain members to a greater degree with another reason to communicate off-cycle and reinforce the value of your association

Creating a Personalized Member Experience

Offer a valued benefit that enhances the personal health of members with a concierge experience

Differentiating Association Value for Potential Members

Offer a unique, value-added benefit to attract new members

Generating Non-dues Revenue

Capture non-dues generated revenue to further drive association initiatives

Download our valuable resources, including the Navigation-as-a-Service eBook, and learn how your organization can improve clinical navigations for better member experience and lower costs.

Five Reasons Members Love QualityCare Connect

Better Treatment
Members not getting better after a reasonable amount of time following treatment? We help them find physicians uniquely qualified to treat their injury or condition.

Improved Quality of Life
If members are suffering from an injury or condition that is adversely affecting their lifestyle or productivity at work, it’s time to find the right doctor with the best care plan.

Second Opinions
Good health is a key component to anyone’s happiness and members don’t want to trust just one opinion about what’s best for their long-term health. Whether it’s a diagnosis, treatment plan or surgery, we’re here to help navigate a care plan that meets their needs.

Referrals for Children Away at College or Camp
The distance can make it difficult when arranging care for children away at school, camp or on vacation. Let us do the work to find the physician they need and take the stress off of you.

Caring for Aging Parents
Whether local or far away, members want the best physician and plan of care for their parents’ long-term health. We eliminate the guesswork, so they can focus on their loved ones.


What Our Members Say

Hear from people who’ve experienced the power of better healthcare choices.

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