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Self-Insured Solutions

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The healthcare market has an abundance of solutions for employer-sponsored healthcare. However, what solutions do employees have to help them select the best physician to treat their diagnosis or condition?

It’s no wonder it can be confusing given the maze of choices for healthcare access.

Unfortunately for patients, selecting appropriate specialty care is where our healthcare system breaks down. Primary care physicians don’t have the time to research the expertise and experience of individual specialists when making a referral. They are not incentivized to make referrals.  And, there is no universal directory of providers constantly measuring quality and qualifications in order to match patients with a High Tech-Right Touch™ service – until now. 

How self-insured solutions benefit from SpecialtyCare Connect

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Accurate referrals prevent misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments that result in lost productivity.

Support Your Employees

Bring peace of mind to your employees during a stressful time.

Eliminate Lost Time at Work Expenses

Keep your employees focused on the job, not their illness.

Improve Employee Health Outcomes

Objective referrals based on quality mean better care for employees.

Embed Seamlessly

Whether branded or white-labeled, flexibly integrates with your offering.

A solution that 
contributes to your bottom line,
not the expense column.

get better healthcare options

The SpecialtyCare Connect solution

Misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments are at the center of skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Simply offer SpecialtyCare Connect® alongside your current health benefit plan to offer critical and objective guidance for an employee’s journey to better health. 

Utilizing clinical insight from our Clinical Advisory Board combined with healthcare data science and technology, our Care Navigators connect employees and their families with the ideal physician for their diagnosis based on the expertise and experience the specialist has with that diagnosis. We also verify insurance acceptance, appointment availability and convenient office locations.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited specialist referrals
  • Concierge-style consumer experience
  • Benefit accessible to the entire family
  • Easy implementation for clients
  • Solution easily launched anytime throughout the year

Eliminate the healthcare maze with SpecialtyCare Connect.

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