ACOs & Risk-Bearing Providers

Living the Quad Aim.

Integrating many pieces that are needed to make a cohesive referral system for Health Systems is daunting. You are challenged with improving patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction, quality of outcomes, and the overall patient journey. The operational and financial challenges don’t stop there.


Physician and facility resources are taxed when patients are referred to a physician who is not the ideal choice for their medical needs. Even physician morale is impacted as doctors become increasingly burdened by a maze of processes and confusing expectations.


SpecialtyCare Connect® addresses these challenges with a proprietary data science approach that matches individuals with the ideal in-network specialist based on the physician’s expertise and success rate as well as the individual’s specific health condition. We create a frictionless path for referrals, so that misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments don’t jeopardize quality and cost. We do the heavy lifting, so you benefit from streamlined healthcare.

How ACOs & risk-bearing providers
benefit from SpecialtyCare Connect.

Improving Patient Satisfaction Ratings

Appropriate referrals and care leading to increased patient satisfaction

Preventing Ineffective Referrals and Delayed Care

Creating ideal referrals based on your quality metrics and individual physician expertise

Improving Quality of Provider Directories

Using our data science approach to offer the most appropriate and precise search results for patients and staff

Optimizing Physician Resources

Maximizing a physician’s patient mix with appropriate appointments matched at the condition level

Capture Greater Quality Provider Data

Our solution improves referral patterns with a deep dive that identifies expertise and success rates at the condition level

Quality outcomes, patient satisfaction and
controlled costs are at the heart of the ideal
healthcare experience.


Leading the way for better healthcare choices.

Hear from our Chief Innovation Officer, Suzanne Clough, MD, recorded during HIMSS18. Dr. Clough discusses the patient-physician dilemma, and also explains how we improve healthcare network recommendations.

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