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We Are Fixing What Can Be Fixed in Healthcare

ArmadaHealth has spent the past decade building a healthcare transparency solution – QualityCare Connect – that enables us to zoom down to a physician’s area of clinical expertise and match patients to the right physician for their specific condition. We know that what makes a doctor ‘good’ is complicated and goes way beyond just their clinical skills. That’s why our 30+ quality and matching factors look at both clinical and non-clinical aspects of a physician. Clinically, we evaluate things like how frequently a physician treats a condition or performs a procedure, how they do it, and where they do it.

We don’t have a network nor do we have any relationship with the physicians that we recommend. We don’t publicly score them. We just do the work that is necessary to make sure that when the time comes, a member can reach out to us and receive recommendations for two or more physicians who are experts in the member’s condition, work with the member’s coverage, accept new patients, and of course, have no red flags. We also help the patient prepare for the visit, so that the initial consult is a good use of everyone’s time.

The result? The patient wins. The physician wins. The health plans win. We win because we’re confident that with each member request, ArmadaHealth is making people healthier, making physicians happier (because they are seeing patients they love to treat) and decreasing healthcare spend.

For member-facing organizations that want to bring professional, agnostic navigation experience to their members, guiding members to avoid low quality physicians, we provide Navigation-as-a-Service through our QualityCare Navigator private label/co-branded solution.

It’s time for physician referrals to be re-imagined. Improving healthcare quality is not just a futuristic goal – it’s a reality that we can accomplish together.

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