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ArmadaHealth® has spent the past decade building a knowledge base that allows us to zoom down to a physician’s area of clinical expertise and match patients to a physician right for their specific condition. We know that what makes a doctor good is complicated and goes way beyond just their clinical skills. That’s why our 30+ quality factors look at both clinical and non-clinical aspects of a physician. Clinically, we evaluate things like how frequently a physician treats a condition or performs a procedure, how well they do it, how they do it, and where they do it.

But, we don’t just look for treatment quality. We also look for treatment appropriateness. Since we know that 20% of care is unnecessary, we don’t want our members to go to a physician who may over-treat their patients. We also scour all of those online reviews, sort through the noise and try to really understand what people are saying about the doctor: Good communicator? Answers questions well? You get the point. We want our members to get to doctors who are both very qualified to do their jobs and are also good people.

We don’t pay the doctors we evaluate. We have no relationship with them. We don’t publicly score them. We just do the work that is necessary to make sure that when the time comes, a member can reach out to us and receive three recommendation for physicians who are experts in the member’s condition, accepts the member’s insurance and is taking new patients. We also help the patient prepare for the visit, so that the initial consult is a good use of everyone’s time.

The result? The patient wins. The physician wins. The health plans win. We win because we’re confident that with each member utilization, ArmadaHealth is making people healthier, making physicians happier (because they are getting patients they love to treat) and decreasing healthcare spend.

It’s time for doctor referrals to be re-imagined. Improving healthcare quality is not just a futuristic goal – it’s a reality that we can accomplish together.

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We create a frictionless path for referrals, so that misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments don’t jeopardize quality and cost.


A turnkey solution that offers value at the association level for its members. This solution offers members a personal experience and keeps them emotionally connected.


We match people with the ideal in-network physician based on condition-expertise, success rate and the specific diagnosis.


A solution that drives your insurance product to contribute to your bottom line, not the expense column.


Deliver a highly personalized healthcare experience for members and a cost effective product for clients.

You can provide better access to healthcare for your population in a matter of weeks.