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SpecialtyCare Connect® empowers health plan members to take charge of their health by providing them with the information they need to select the most appropriate specialists to manage their diagnosis. If you have ever had a family member or friend attempt to navigate through the process of identifying a specialist to work with you will understand how a plan member can easily become frustrated and overwhelmed.  Our unique software solution has the ability to run complex rules based on member and physician data points that create ideal matches.  SpecialtyCare Connect was created with the goal of connecting members, physicians and specialists and by doing so improving member satisfaction and reducing unnecessary overtreatment.

SpecialtyCare Connect® combines cutting-edge health information technology, data science, and expert clinical oversight to objectively optimize the match between the member and specialty physician. Our approach ensures that required parameters are met, so the member stays in-network, has known appointment availability and is given pre-visit instructions. We further personalize the program by providing three biographies of specialty care physicians perfectly matched to meet the member’s needs

Partner with SpecialtyCare Connect to:

  • Address and control leading drivers of care costs by minimizing expenses based on misdiagnosed conditions
  • Improve health outcomes by helping members get the right care
  • Boost the effectiveness of your care and condition management programs
  • Offer a unique program that your commercial and government clients’ will value
  • Address your Medicare Star Requirements

Hear more from Dr. Iain Kalfas, on the Clinical Advisory Board Executive Committee for ArmadaHealth® and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Cleveland Clinic

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