Attracting and retaining talent and having healthy, productive employees is key to your business. Suppose you could provide a healthcare benefit to your employees that would help them access the right care at the right time – eliminating incorrect diagnoses and unnecessary treatment costs.

Imagine the benefits to your bottom line:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced claims costs
  • Increased effectiveness

Simply offer SpecialtyCare Connect® alongside your current health benefit plan. SpecialtyCare Connect provides critical and objective guidance for an employee’s journey to better health. Utilizing clinical insight from our Clinical Advisory Board along with healthcare data science and technology, our Care Consultants connect employees and their families with the right physicians for their diagnosis. Plus we verify insurance coverage with recommended physicians in your insurance plan.

Your employees gain peace of mind from our clinical expertise and human touch – you gain the benefits of real cost savings.

SpecialtyCare Connect offers your employees these high-value benefits:

  • Unlimited specialist referrals
  • Concierge-style, high touch consumer experience
  • Automated high-tech consumer experience for your Millennials
  • When needed, the entire family can access and benefit from this solution
  • Implementation resources and requirements are low for our clients
  • Solution can be deployed anytime throughout the year
  • Insurance agnostic
  • Physician-friendly

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