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Your clients rely on you to deliver meaningful solutions to manage the quality and cost-effectiveness of their health benefits programs.

As you know, a breakdown in the referral process between primary and specialty care is one of the largest cost drivers in the healthcare system. It is also a source of uncertainty and frustration for your clients’ employees who need to navigate the complex system.

Solving the Specialty Care Dilemma

SpecialtyCare Connect® delivers a personalized specialist referral program that promises to drive down healthcare costs for your client and provide a valuable benefit to their employees? It combines cutting-edge health information technology, data science, and an expert medical advisory board to objectively optimize the match between patient diagnosis/condition and a physician’s unique skills and experience in treating that condition.

Partner with SpecialtyCare Connect to:

  • Help your clients’ employees to navigate the complex referral process for the optimal treatment
  • Improve the effectiveness of care and disease management programs
  • Enable your clients to improve health outcomes and address the leading driver of unnecessary care costs

Insured Products

ArmadaCare’s Supplemental Product Suite layers on top of the primary health plan to create countless combinations of targeted coverage. Our expense reimbursed, fully insured products work together to build a benefits structure for your company that manages cost and supports your recruitment and retention aims.

Ultimate Health®
Offer your company’s key employees robust healthcare reimbursement combined with a strategic health and wellness program with our signature product that keeps top performers healthy, productive and focused on their work.

Plena Health
Expand health coverage for difficult to recruit and retain select talent. This offers more coverage than your typical ‘gap-filling’ products.

Provide a true medical gap solution for select employee groups to help reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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