Associations & Affinity Groups

You play an important role in the industry or service you represent.  You are challenged to offer benefits that attract and retain members and count on reliable revenue streams to offer these valuable services.

Offer SpecialtyCare Connect® to Your Membership

Today’s healthcare system is increasingly complex. There are over 900,000 board-certified physicians in the United States. The family PCP no longer can handle complex cases or find the time to carefully select a specialist to refer each individual patient.

SpecialtyCare Connect can help your members bridge this gap and connect them to the right specialist when they need care. The PCP and member can choose from several carefully identified physicians and save time and money. The final outcome is better health for every member.

Offer a program sure to become the most valued benefit of your membership.  And with our revenue sharing program, it’s a win-win for your members and your bottom line.

Partner with SpecialtyCare Connect to:
  • Differentiate your membership offerings to improve new sales and member retention
  • Enhance membership value with a unique program that focuses on the health and well-being of your members
  • Generate additional revenue for your association

Emergency Travel Support Adds More Value

SpecialtyCare Connect can be paired with our Emergency Travel programs for even greater member value.

Global Assistance

Help your members prepare for travel and stay protected with Pre-trip Planning services and Travel Support, such as urgent medical and dental referrals, facilitation of hospital payments, transfer of medical records, replacement of lost medication, and more.

Take Me Home

Upgrade Global Assistance travel protection by adding fully-paid medical evacuation and transportation.



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