About Us

ArmadaHealth® is a health data science and services company headquartered in Hunt Valley, MD. Founded on a 30-year legacy in the health benefits industry, the company was the vision of a group of highly respected physicians from leading healthcare institutions across the country. They identified a serious flaw in the healthcare system and are passionate about fixing it.

Led by dedicated teams of business leaders, health data scientists, consumer engagement experts and clinical professionals, ArmadaHealth is driven to connect patients with the right care.  We have a variety of programs and solutions that combine the clinical insights of world-renowned experts with evidence-driven algorithms that make sense of information in a way that is useful and actionable. This hybrid approach is both unique and powerful.

Armada’s affiliated companies represent a multi-billion-dollar global organization with hundreds of employees operating in nearly every country in the world — serving thousands of clients. We draw upon these resources to help solve problems vexing the current healthcare system.

Our innovative programs include SpecialtyCare Connect® which helps members conveniently and efficiently get the right care at the right time. Guidance is objective and tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the member. The result is improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare expenses and exceptional patient satisfaction.

Our goal is to fix a major problem
in today’s fractured healthcare system

Getting our members to the right care at the right time.

With the multitude of specialties and sub-specialties that have emerged over the recent decades and the diminishing role of the primary care provider (PCP) in the patient’s continuity of care, there is a growing need for help getting to the right doctor.

Learn more from Dr. Benjamin Safirstein, MD, Chief Medical Officer of ArmadaHealth about how we find the right specialist for each member.

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