Health Connections

ArmadaHealth® offers a suite of specialty products and services to strengthen healthcare coverage and access.

Programs and Services

TopDoc Connect® redefines access to specialty care with an objective specialty physician matching service that guides our members to the most experienced experts for their specific condition.  White-glove service accompanies the recommendations with advocacy and support.  This program is led by world-renowned physicians who understand all aspects of specialty care.   Doctors who are TopDoc Certified represent the elite, top 5% of all specialists. Learn more.

Executive Physical Navigations for busy people that want a convenient and comprehensive evaluation of their health to help detect issues in early stages.  We have done the research to find the best centers and match them to your needs and preferences.   We facilitate access and in certain instances obtain discounts and special services for our members.

Take Me Home Emergency Travel Program offers 24/7 emergency assistance for members and their families traveling 100+ miles from home, whether for business or pleasure.  Learn more about the services which  include:

  • Fully paid air evacuations back home
  • Facilitation of hospital payment for uninterrupted access to care while abroad
  • Global assistance with medical and dental referrals for emergency/urgent care
  • Replacement of lost or stolen passports
  • Delivery arrangement for medication, corrective lenses and vaccines

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Insured Products

ArmadaCare’s Supplemental Product Suite layers on top of the primary health plan to create countless combinations of targeted coverage. Our expense reimbursed, fully insured products work together to build a benefits structure for your company that manages cost and supports your recruitment and retention aims.

Ultimate Health®
Offer your company’s key employees robust healthcare reimbursement combined with a strategic health and wellness program with our signature product that keeps top performers healthy, productive and focused on their work.

Plena Health
Expand health coverage for difficult to recruit and retain select talent. This offers more coverage than your typical ‘gap-filling’ products.

Provide a true medical gap solution for select employee groups to help reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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Our goal is to fix a major problem
in today’s fractured healthcare system

Getting our members to the right care at the right time.

With the multitude of specialties and sub-specialties that have emerged over the recent decades and the diminishing role of the primary care provider (PCP) in the patient’s continuity of care, there is a growing need for help getting to the right doctor.

Learn more from Dr. Benjamin Safirstein, MD, Chief Medical Officer of ArmadaHealth.