Enterprise Solutions


Enterprise Solutions from ArmadaHealth® use cutting-edge technology and clinical insights to address major problems experienced by:

• Hospital Systems  • Health Insurance Plans • Physician Groups • Patient-Centered Medical Homes
• Concierge Medicine • Executive Physical Programs • Student Health Centers • TeleHealth Providers
• Wellness Providers • Other organizations in the healthcare ecosystem

Leverage our technology and support solutions to improve patient and physician satisfaction while eliminating cost and friction in the patient journey.

Each Enterprise Solution features cutting-edge health data science, Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning, combined with a dynamic clinical insight rules engine and proprietary and customizable algorithms to drive key results. Solutions are configurable to meet the exact needs of your organization and complement your existing technology.

Optimize resource utilization with physician referral intelligence to fix the supply/demand mismatch.  Ensure patients get to the right physician at the right time given their exact use case and clinical situation.

Start addressing the patients’ frustration with incorrect referrals, delayed care and multiple appointments without proper expectations and preparedness. Start helping your specialists improve their case mix by providing them with patients who are ideally matched to their clinical strengths and who arrive at appointments fully prepared.  Reduce inefficiency and wasted costs to improve outcomes and quality of care.

ArmadaHealth Solution Features

Getting our members to the right care at the right time.

Enterprise versions of SpecialtyCare Connect® with customized configurations include the following enhancements:

  • Consumer health engagement tools for increased patient capture
  • Healthcare determinate discovery at the inception of the patient journey
  • Care management and call center dashboard agents
  • Fully supported, turnkey physician referral program
  • Physician referral appointment coordination and management
  • Customized algorithms tailored to your organization's goals
  • Network and outcomes analytics and management
  • Patient satisfaction survey and PROM tracking with longitudinal outcomes analysis
  • Various branding options available

Learn about the impact of incorrect specialty care referrals from ArmadaHealth Executive Board member, Iain Kalfas, MD.